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YJV-0.6 1KV-4 core power cable



YJV-0.6 1KV-4 core power cable

ProductIntroductionTransmissionanddistributionsystemforpowercable,ACratedvoltage0.6/1KVXLPEinsulatedpowercableand35KVandbelowXLPEpowercable,itsperformancenotonlymeetsthestandardGB1276andIEC60502andIEC60840,buthasalsoformedSeries,namelyflameretardant,fireresistant,coldresistantandwaterproofpowercables. StandardThisproductismanufacturedaccordingtoGB/T12706.1-2002. ScopeOfApplicationThisproductissuitableforpowertransmissionandpowerdistributionrouteswithACratedvoltageof0.6/1kV. UseFeature3.1Thelong-termallowableoperatingtemperatureofthecableconductoris90°C.3.2Whenshortcircuit(maximumdurationdoesnotexceed5S),themaximumtemperatureofthecableconductordoesnotexceed250°C.3.3Theambienttemperatureduringcablelayingshouldnotbelowerthan0°C.Theminimumbendradiusis25timesthecablediameter.3.4SinglecorearmoredcablecanonlybeusedforDC.3.5Flame-retardantcableperformanceismanufacturedaccordingtouserrequirementsaccordingtoClassA,BandCofGB/T18380.3-2001.
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Product Introduction

Transmission and distribution system for power cable, AC rated voltage 0.6/1KV XLPE insulated power cable and 35KV and below XLPE power cable, its performance not only meets the standard GB1276 and IEC60502 and IEC60840, but has also formed Series, namely flame retardant, fire resistant, cold resistant and waterproof power cables.



This product is manufactured according to GB/T12706.1-2002.


Scope Of Application

This product is suitable for power transmission and power distribution routes with AC rated voltage of 0.6/1kV.


Use Feature

3.1 The long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable conductor is 90 °C.

3.2 When short circuit (maximum duration does not exceed 5S), the maximum temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 250 °C.

3.3 The ambient temperature during cable laying should not be lower than 0 °C. The minimum bend radius is 25 times the cable diameter.

3.4 Single core armored cable can only be used for DC.

3.5 Flame-retardant cable performance is manufactured according to user requirements according to Class A, B and C of GB/T18380.3-2001.


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